Understanding Capital Gains Tax & Income Tax

Inheritance Tax: Understanding Capital Gains Tax & Income Tax


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For no-nonsense advice visit our blog

For no-nonsense advice visit our blog


Make your money work for you

At Pen-Life Associates Ltd we believe the money you've worked hard to earn should, in turn, work equally as hard for you. There's nothing worse than hearing of how our customers are being let down by lousy interest rates. What's worse is when they're left in the dark about the alternatives, due to the increasing complexities of the range of products available to them and the benefits they bring.

Expert financial planning

That is why we, as Independent Financial Advisors, provide expert financial planning that aims to keep your finances in rude health and keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you. We also, where legally possible, offer ways to reduce your tax liability.

Pen-Life's Financial Planning services include:

inheritance tax

Inheritance Tax

The taxman still wants his cut (40%), even after death. With the right financial planning you can be sure your family gets every penny they're entitled to.


Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Don't find yourself struggling in old age to pay expensive care costs. If you plan ahead you can save thousands of pounds.


Pre Retirement


Be prepared. The sooner you start planning for your retirement, the more financially secure it will be.


at retirement

At retirement

We will guide you through the various pension and investment options that are available to you once you've made the decision to retire.


ISA & Savings

ISA and Savings

With the wealth of different savings accounts available, it pays to take independent advice on which one will provide you with the best return.


income protection

Income Protection

Don't lose out financially to illness or disability. Ensure you and your family are adequately provided for in the event of poor health.

New Call to action

Whether approaching retirement or just starting out, good financial planning will put you on the right track to a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

To find out what Pen-Life could do for you, please apply for a Discovery Meeting with one of our Financial Planning experts.