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ISA & Savings

ISA & Savings

Pen-Life Associates Ltd provides practical saving and ISA planning advice that can mean the difference between funds that flourish and funds that stagnate.

Saving for your future

We all like to put a little away in the bank every now and then. It's as British a tradition as cheese rolling and waterlogged summer fetes. Whether saving for a holiday, wedding, deposit on a house - or maybe thinking long term and setting aside a nice little nest-egg upon which to retire - there'll be a savings account suited to your needs.

The problem is finding it. Not all savings accounts are created equal, so intelligent savings planning is a logical step to take beforehand.

For instance, as a saver you are taxed twice; at source via income tax and again upon the interest your money accrues. An Independent Savings Account (ISA) is tax-free, but the rates remain poor and, in the case of a cash ISA, limited to an annual investment of £5,640.

Don't let the banks punish you

With interest rates currently punishing savers, while banks protect their own interests, there's never been a more pertinent time to take a long, hard look before committing the fruits of your labour to a scheme that offers little return.

Independent advice and financial growth

Seeking independent financial advice will help you negotiate this particular minefield and find a savings account, or combination of accounts, that allow your savings to grow.

Pen-Life offers expert advice on ISA and savings planning, as well as all other aspects of financial management.

To find out what Pen-Life could do for you and your savings, please apply for a Discovery Meeting with one of our Financial Planning experts.