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Understanding Capital Gains Tax & Income Tax

Inheritance Tax: Understanding Capital Gains Tax & Income Tax


Pre Retirement

Pre Retirement

Pen-Life Associates Ltd offers impartial advice on pensions and investments that can bring lustre to your golden years.

Act today and secure your future

It's never too early to start planning for what lies beyond that final day at work. Acting now can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and simply getting by.

They keep telling us we're all living longer and it's true. For many, retirement is the gateway to a new lease of life, allowing them to indulge in new activities and pursuits at the pace they choose, free from work commitments.

Of course, their quality of life is determined by how well they planned and provided for their retirement. Will you be able say the same?

Are you adequately prepared for your retirement?

Getting the right financial advice in the pre retirement stage is a must if you want greater control of your pension and to maximise the amount of return you get from your investment.

For instance, private pension schemes are eligible for special tax treatment, but due to the complexity of the rules, finding out how you can best benefit from this can become a convoluted nightmare.

For over 25 years, Pen-Life has been offering independent financial advice, guiding people like you through the pre retirement process and ensuring they have enough in later life to make the most of their freedom.

If you’re at the pre retirement stage, try our Pensions Audit Calculator and find out whether you’ll be living the good life when you finally call it a day at work.

For further pensions advice from our experts, please call us on 0190 466 1140 or email to discover the investment options open to you.