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Meet Craig Howard

At work

Craig is new to the PenLife team in the early doors of 2022. He’s experienced, educated and eager to conquer the financial world! Craig is currently on the challenging path to being a Chartered Financial Planner!  He’ll be joining the other advisers and will be taking on existing clients and new ones to come.

At home

At home, Craig loves rowing with York City Rowing Club, and taking it easy – chilling out and relaxing.

The important stuff

All regulated financial advisers firms must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and therefore appear on their register. You can find PenLife’s entry here.

Furthermore, all advisers must have an up-to-date Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). This shows they are suitably qualified. You should be wary of any advisers who refuse to provide copies of their SPS. If you wish to see any copies, you can request this over the phone or via email using the information on the Contact Us page.


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