Kriss in the spotlight

Meet Kriss Brining

At work

Kriss joined PenLife back in 2019. He initially joined as an administrator, but was quickly promoted to dedicated support for Tom Hughes. Kriss has a 100% pass-rate for each of the many Financial Services exams he has taken since he arrived and has learnt heaps along the way.

Working so closely with Tom who has worked for PenLife for years has helped Kriss learn all of the technical knowledge he now boasts. Kriss is renowned for getting the job done quickly and efficiently with no-nonsense and is a great example of what PenLife is all about!

At home

Kriss was born and raised in Scarborough; he loves being by the seaside!

He lived in York for three years whilst at university, and spent a couple of years in Salford where he played rugby – which he now plays for the York City Knights!


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