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An Introduction to Lifestyle Planning

Do you ever wonder what your future lifestyle will look like? On the beach with a cocktail in hand. Exploring the world, travelling all over. Spending precious time with family and friends. Pursuing hobbies you never could before. Whatever it is, whatever the dream may be… it really is more achievable than you think.

Some will say “Well what does any of that have to do with money?” When you understand what your lifestyle goals are, we can easily help you identify your financial priorities to get you where you want to be! All you need is enough. Enough to give you the lifestyle that you want, without the fear of running out of money.

This is a little something we like to call ‘Lifestyle Planning’. You can read more about our lifestyle planning on our webpage here:

Yeah, obviously a load of money is great, and it can help you achieve practically anything you want. So… do you even need a lifestyle planner? Most people will just sit there, waiting until a problem arises. Or alternatively, some sit there worried… but don’t do anything about it. We’ve heard it all – from “I hate my job, but I can’t afford to leave” to “I just don’t have enough money to do what I truly want.” You could spend too long worrying about your finances and lifestyle choices rather than enjoying them. At that point – you’ve fallen into the loop. You’re missing the most valuable thing – the moment. Then, if you miss enough moments – it could lead to a lifetime. And before you know it, you’ve wasted the opportunity.

So why would you need a financial adviser? Pretty much most people know what financial advisers are for. Something to do with pensions? Tax? Money? Well although yes, that’s true, our real value lies in increasing your wealth and quality of life by investing wisely and protecting your assets from the tax man.

Here at PenLife, we’re hosting a Lifestyle Planning webinar, to introduce you to ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’. Throughout the webinar, we will be discussing:

  • What is Lifestyle planning?
  • Ordinary advisers vs Lifestyle Financial Planners
  • Understanding the Three Hats
  • How an Adviser can help
  • Our Lifestyle planning in action
  • Common questions and pitfalls
  • And everyone’s favourite, we’ll be giving away some free stuff.

If you think this information could benefit you, please sign up for FREE using the link below. We also encourage sending this email to anyone else you think might be interested too, for them to sign up as well. However, there are limited spaces, so we can only offer 50 places to be secured. So if we were in your shoes, we’d be signing up… like right now.

TO JOIN: Click the link below. Once you’ve signed up keep an eye out for the link we will be sending to your email prior to the event.