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3 Months in…

March is flying by! Pancake Day fell in March this year- and as with any other significant day, PenLife found an excuse to make the most of it!  B made some waffles along with a variety of toppings, all in aid of raising money for our supported charity Dementia Forward! We raised £68.50, with some

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Learn to love your finances

Love is in the air…but quite commonly, not with your finances. And is there really any wonder? In daily life, and in the news, numbers and statistics are thrown around in our newspapers and magazines, and across our screens. A billion here, a billion there… And yes, some people love this stuff. Others- probably the

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What’s on your list of New Year’s resolutions?

A lot happened in 2018. There was the ‘Beast from the East’, where the snow took its toll all across Britain, and of course The World Cup- the perfect excuse to find almost everyone in the beer garden watching the games with hope of ‘Football coming home’…almost. Summer was scorching, with people flocking to the

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