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Financial Planners – Just making the rich richer?

Oct 7, 2020

  We Financial Planners get a lot of stick for only ‘helping the rich get richer’. Exclusively making money for individuals who already have money. Which for a variety of personal, political and moral reasons, people seem to have a problem with.   So is it true? Is that really all that financial planners are

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The Lockdown Rundown Checklist- Are you ready to take Action?

Sep 4, 2020

  How did you keep busy during lockdown? Some people took to gardening, DIY, exercise, drawing and a whole range of other activities. Others took lockdown as an opportunity to sort out the dreaded paperwork- sifting through all the drawers, folders and cabinets, trying to piece together the information. Sound familiar? As mentioned in our

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How Coronavirus May Have Impacted Retirement Plans

Aug 14, 2020

We can’t deny that UK lockdown and the coronavirus scare has impacted everyone’s life in a variety of ways. However, it could be argued that the biggest impact of all was on finances. People’s plans ground to a halt within the space of a few weeks, with no real certainty as to whether they would

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Get Pension Savvy!

Aug 12, 2020

What is Pension Tax Relief? To understand the magic of pension tax relief, you need to know what it means.  In this article we’re just talking about Private Pensions, as opposed to workplace pensions.  That’s so we can keep things fairly straight-forward.  Tax Relief is a bonus the Government pays into your pension as an

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Former Spouses! Do you know the ways you could lose access to a pension?

Aug 6, 2020

Pension laws have changed over the years, and with case precedents further changing what can and can’t be done with pensions, there’s no wonder that benefits are being missed out on by those who are entitled to them. Individuals are left confused or completely unaware of their pension rights. Last year, The Telegraph reported that

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Could the Coronavirus Crisis leave our younger people scarred?

Jul 7, 2020

Not only do we have to cope with the uncertainty, loss and ill health of people we know, but with the coronavirus also comes the inevitable strain on the UK economy. We can’t deny that in one way or another, it has affected everyone. However, thousands of young people across the UK have been left

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