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Typical Pension Excuses

Dec 17, 2020

  When it comes to pensions, there’s bound to be at least one option from a wide range best suited to an individual. However, recent research from Unbiased.co.uk has found that one fifth of UK adults have no pension savings at all. There’s many reasons why people don’t pay into pensions. But the validity of

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Seeing Past The Finance Industry Stereotypes

Dec 11, 2020

When many people hear the words ‘Financial Advice’, they are quick to worry. Could it be a scam? Do financial advisers just want your money? We get why people have their concerns. Back in the day, some “advisers” took advantage of clients, thus giving the financial services industry a bad name. However, our industry has

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Final Salary Pension – FAQs

Nov 6, 2020

What is a Final Salary Pension? Final Salary Pensions, also known as Defined Benefit (DB) pensions, are a special type of workplace pension that is now in limited supply. Most pensions are invested into funds (which can go up and down over time). With common pensions, your income depends on the growth of those funds.

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The Lifetime Allowance- Are You At Threat?

Oct 30, 2020

    When it comes to pensions, it is important that we encourage friends and family members to put money into one sooner rather than later. And considering the UK’s ageing population, who knows how long our pensions may need to last us? After all, they’re a great way to save for the future, and

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Pension ‘A’ or Pension Bee: Can You Plan Your Retirement Online?

Oct 28, 2020

As a firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), we are often explaining the benefits of Pension Consolidation – how it untangles clients’ various pension plans and pools the funds into just one plan. Subsequently, we’ve had a couple of new clients ask us how we differ from businesses like ‘Pension Bee’ (if you watch TV

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Financial Planners – Just making the rich richer?

Oct 7, 2020

  We Financial Planners get a lot of stick for only ‘helping the rich get richer’. Exclusively making money for individuals who already have money. Which for a variety of personal, political and moral reasons, people seem to have a problem with.   So is it true? Is that really all that financial planners are

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