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Does Work Make You Happy?

There’s a common belief that the majority of people are familiar with. It’s the notion that you will become more like the people you spend the most time with. Usually people mean this in family social settings. But we believe the same rule applies within the workplace. And many companies stand by the belief that if your managers and colleagues are positive, it will rub off onto the employees of that company. Resulting in everyone being happier and enjoying their work, and ultimately, a better experience (and outcome in general) for the customer.

It’s not just a theory though. Statistics show that happy workers (motivated by higher salaries, flexible working hours, positive working environment – or a combination of the three) are 12% more productive than those who are unhappy at work.

According to a study by ‘Engaging Works’, the UK ranks 10th in the world for workplace happiness. Not too bad I suppose, but there’s still lots more that can be done to make employees happier.
This is something our director Julie Wilson identified just a couple of years into leading PenLife. Having worked for cut-throat businesses, she’s grown to appreciate the value of choice in the workplace and the power of collaboration. As a team, Julie led us to create our Core Values which set a standard that everyone in the business is expected to upkeep.
Another way she pushes her staff forward is through career development. And she LOVES apprenticeships. Not only do they give younger members invaluable on-the-job experience, they also provide an opportunity for people to get qualified without the debt associated with going to university. Instead of debt, they get paid! It’s a no brainer in our eyes…
PenLife has taken on over 15 apprentices in the past 6 years, with many happy success stories! Two of our first apprentices were formally put on the FCA Register as qualified financial advisers just this month. And we couldn’t be any prouder of home grown IFAs!

But none of it would have happened without Julie coming to the realisation that if you treat employees well, and truly want the best for them, they’ll give back tenfold. In turn, they’ll truly want the best for the company, the people they work with – and most importantly (the reason we’re all here) – the clients.

We’re committed to always moving forward and never staying stagnant. We create, innovate and simplify wherever necessary to ensure we’re providing a top tier service for our clients. We all know what we’re collectively working towards, what individual roles we play and we’re all passionate about what we do.

A lot of people know what they do each day. Not many people know why they do it though. Having a firm grip on that is what separates us from the rest and that’s what gets us out of bed on a morning.