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Don & Val Lee – An IHT Case Study


Well, Inheritance Tax is certainly winding you all up as much as it does me judging from all your comments.  It makes me even more determined to help as many people as I can avoid this unfair tax, which is why I decided to create my online Inheritance Tax planning course in the first place.  I’m putting the finishing touches to it as we speak.  You’ll be the first to hear about it – together with a very special offer for you.

A recurring theme I’m hearing is that many people are scared of doing something wrong or illegal.  Take a look at this real life case study where I magic £72,000 out of thin air in a strategy that was used by Ed Miliband’s family.  If it’s OK for them, it’s certainly OK for you.  And it really is very simple.  Anyone could do it.  And it cost peanuts to set up.

I’ll be looking at more ‘Have Your Cake and Eat It’ planning strategies in the next blog post.  In the meantime, take a look at this.  It won’t apply to everyone, but when it does apply, it’s an absolute no-brainer.  As always, let me know what you think.