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The Wealth Kit

Lower your Taxes legally and easily. Save for the future the right way. Protect and grow your nest egg. Retire when you want, where you want. Plan for long term care for you or elderly relatives. Protect your Estate from greedy bankers, crazy  Governments and other legalised robbers.

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37 Legal Ways To Slash £Thousands Off Of Your Inheritance Tax Bill

Learn little known “have your cake and eat it”  solutions which avoid Inheritance Tax whilst letting you keep access AND control with this free book, written by Julie Wilson – Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.


Beyond The Park Gates

A story for all that only takes an hour to read, but weaves together in an entertaining story eleven key principals that wealthy and successful people use to enable them to live the life they want.

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Planning in Colour

Lifestyle Planning takes Financial Planning to the next level. Instead of telling us what you want your money to DO for YOU, tell us what YOU want to DO with your money. Whether it’s starting a project, or going on a world cruise. Tell your adviser what you want and we work towards facilitating it for you.
Explore your possibilities and learn what we believe is really important about money.

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Why You Need A Financial Adviser And Where To Find One

We want to help you decide if you’d benefit from professional financial advice. And if so, how you should go about choosing the right Financial Planner to match your objectives.
Learn why certain qualifications are so important and what you need to be looking out for with this free guide.

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DB Transfer Mistakes

Hugely significant pension changes have happened.  Changes that could affect those with Final salary schemes for the rest of their lives. And potentially future generations.
Learn how to avoid the common Pension Transfer Mistakes using this free booklet.



Retire Happy And Worry Free

How to grow, keep and protect your pension nest egg.

The new pension freedom rules are expected to cost unsuspecting pensioners over £4 billion in unnecessary tax.  Do you want to contribute to that nonsense?