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How To Get Back At It After The 5th Month…

As we reach the final few days in May, most of the UK can’t quite help but think that we’ve slacked a little this month in one way or another- whether it be at work, or at home (because who can always be bothered to cook when the Chinese takeaway is only round the corner?). It’s just too easy, right? Not one, but TWO Bank Holidays! For all the 9-5 weekday workers, it feels like we’ve hardly been at work. Plus, the amount of people that seem to be jetting off on their holidays this month is ridiculous. Hats off though to those who have spent their weekends and Bank Holidays either at work, decorating the house, sorting out the garden for the Summer months or expressing any other form of productivity. It’s more than what the rest of us were doing- sat with junk food and a sore head.

We must not remember to get used to any days off. Some people find it hard to get back into the routine- you know, of actually working the amount of days per week that you’re meant to? Who knew a couple of days off could demotivate someone so much? Luckily, here at the office in PenLife, we don’t encounter this. The chatter and general high spirit makes the transition easy. But we are aware that not all workplaces can associate with this.

If you’re looking for a few little ways to get back into the routine, whether you’ve been off work for a few days or a few months, try a couple of these tricks:

  • Create small, bite-sized goals– Don’t just set your goal as ‘Finish the Project’- this will encourage ‘I’ll do it another time’ behaviour, and will feel like it is taking an extensive amount of time. Instead, break the project up into each small contributing task. This way, you can tick it off as you go along and can feel a sense of achievement, instead of feeling like you’re getting nowhere.
  • Tidy your workspace– You’d be surprised to find the correlation between a tidy workspace and a clearer head. Sort the unneeded paperwork, get rid of the collection of mugs and glasses and you’re one step closer to motivation.
  • Help others– From holding a door for someone, to helping a colleague- it may not work for everyone, but you can feel a real sense of pride in helping others. A more positive mindset usually leads to more efficiency at work.
  • Block distractions– At least for the first hour or so. No social media or browsing online magazines in your email inbox. No standing making a brew to waste 20 minutes. Of course, have your tea or coffee but use this time to re-assess your priorities and catch up with the most important emails or messages- with no distractions.