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How To Transform Your Retirement

We can all agree, that tax is just… taxing. See what we did there? No? Anyways, moving on. We’re going to let you in on some pretty shocking news. Yep, you still have to pay tax on your income from your pension after you’ve retired. Why – who knows? You get taxed on countless of things throughout your working life, so why should you get taxed again, when you’ve stopped working. It just baffles our minds.

Imagine you’ve grafted a nine to five, five days a week. You’ve put aside and invested enough money to fund and fulfil your desired retirement. And when the time has finally come for you to put your feet up, a huge chunk of that cash is stolen before you’ve even managed to put your pj’s on. And some people think that’s alright? Retirement is supposed to be your chance to live the life you’ve always wanted. Your chance to do the things you never could before. In the end, you want to ensure you can live your desired future lifestyle. You don’t want any additional stress – through a huge tax bill on your front doorstep.

Yeah, approaching a new chapter in your life is scary, and change can be uncomfortable. But we can all agree that it shouldn’t be like that. Having a financial plan provides you with answers to your queries, a sense of hope and security.

Before her passing, Julie Wilson put her expert knowledge into her new book ‘Tax Free Retirement’. This book simply explains how tax in retirement works and the things you need to think about. It’ll also help you pay less tax, keep more cash, and completely transform your retirement. Oh yeah – Julie also predicted the National Insurance Hike, so I wonder what else she’s predicted…

We know that managing your finances effectively leads to increased well-being and a better quality of life.  And that’s exactly what we help our clients achieve. Hopefully this book can help you get one step closer. Having everything completely under control and knowing that you do is priceless. If you’d like a FREE copy, click here, give us a call at 01904 661140 or email us at We hope this guide helps you take the initiative. Start your financial journey today.