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Stories of the real people we’ve helped to achieve their aspirations

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals and couples to make smarter financial decisions, increase their wellbeing and achieve a better quality of life.

Here are some of the stories of our real clients (names have been changed) who we’ve helped to achieve their aspirations.

We hope their stories inspire you to take steps to achieve yours.

Live The Life You Want To!


Jan originally became a client of PenLife at the age of 49 when she required advice regarding her pensions. She wanted to make sure that her hard-earned money was working as hard as it could be to enable a comfortable retirement, later down the line.

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From Tax Worries to Lakefront Living

Mr. & Mrs. R

A local solicitor originally referred Mr. and Mrs. R to PenLife. The couple was in their mid-60s, and Mr. R had recently suffered a heart attack, influencing him to revise his will in case the worst was to happen. Whilst discussing their will, their solicitor identified a rather apparent Inheritance Tax (IHT) problem. The solicitor knew their family could reduce the substantial inheritance tax bill, so they referred Mr. and Mrs. R to PenLife.

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Early Retirement, Is it Possible?

Mrs C

Our Chartered Financial Planner, Louis, helped Mrs C with her retirement planning by unlocking the potential to retire when she believed it was not currently possible. Mrs C is now able to retire whenever she desires, without any added financial worry and now has time to do the things that truly matter to her.

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Working with Professionals: It’s All About Trust

Mr & Mrs M

Here at PenLife we work closely with other industry professionals who are experts in their chosen fields. We believe that by working together with specialists, we can provide a more comprehensive and robust level of service, helping clients to make the right choices in life.  It also gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they will be dealing with trusted professionals.

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Planning a Fun-Filled Retirement

Mr & Mrs Wilson

Mr and Mrs Wilson couldn’t help but feel they weren’t enjoying life to the fullest in retirement. They were worried about money, but wanted to do so much more with this new chapter of life. We analysed their situation, provided reassurance and encouraged them to live the life they wanted.

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Lost Money Saved Immediately

Mr Jones

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our client Mr Jones lost contact with us after an initial meeting. Unfortunately, when Mr Jones got back in touch, he had lost over £250,000 in the form of a large tax bill. We quickly identified other areas in which we could help him regain financial confidence.

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Retire Tomorrow!

Mr James

Mr James wanted to stop working, but felt he had no choice but to stay where he was in order to fund his retirement. We carefully analysed Mr James’ financial situation and discovered that, should he invest his pensions strategically, he could actually retire the next day if he wanted to.

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Lifetime Allowance Protection

Ms Miller

Ms Miller was an NHS doctor who simply didn’t have enough time to manage her finances on her own. She came to us for general financial planning, but it emerged that she had a serious Lifetime Allowance problem. It was then our job to help her strategically avoid this tax charge.

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Buy the New House!

Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith were confused about their pensions and needed help with retirement planning. After carefully analysing their situation, it emerged that the couple had a company scheme pension plan that they didn’t even know about; enabling them to purchase their dream home outright.

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Organising Finances for Probate

Mr & Mrs Baker

Our Chartered Financial Planner, Deb, helped Mr and Mrs Baker to consolidate their pension plans, update their wills and put Lasting Powers of Attorney in place. When Mr Baker sadly passed away, this organisation helped Mrs Baker deal with the bereavement without any added financial worry.

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Third-Party Ill Health

Mr Brown

Mr Brown had experienced setback after setback. His mother and brother passed away, his father fell ill, he himself had to undergo serious surgery. Seeing up close and personal how so many lives are cut short, Mr Brown wanted to begin ticking off some of the things he’d always wanted to do.

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A New Chapter

Mrs R

Mrs R had several pensions all over the place, but didn’t understand much about how any of them worked. The same applied with her husband, which is what triggered them to seek advice. Fortunately, Mrs R came to PenLife and received professional advice to put her mind at ease.

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