Third-Party Ill Health

Mr Brown

Mr Brown had been a PenLife client for a while and knew his Financial Planner John well.

When Mr Brown came for his annual review, it became apparent that he had been struck by setback after setback. His mother was diagnosed with a serious ailment and sadly passed away a couple of months later. A short while after that, his father fell ill. His brother then suffered a fatal heart attack and, finally, he himself was rushed to hospital resulting in seven hours of surgery.

John describes Mr Brown as kind-natured, polite and down to earth; when they met for their review and he was listing his horrible misfortunes, it was clear to see how hard the last few months had been for him.

But despite recent events, Mr Brown wasn’t glum or angry; he was just getting on with his life and his new circumstances.

During his annual review, John briefly talked Mr Brown through how his plans had performed and asked him if any of his objectives had changed. That was when the conversation really picked up.

Seeing up close and personal how so many lives are cut short, Mr Brown wanted to begin ticking off some of the things he’d always wanted to do. They spoke about a potential cruise, exotic beach holidays, short city breaks and how he wanted to live his life (or, more importantly, all the things he didn’t want to miss out on!).

His annual review wasn’t spent talking about graphs and funds. It was spent talking about his life and how his investments, and our advice, could fund the lifestyle he wanted and allow him to spend without worry.

For Mr Brown, our reassurance and support made all the difference and we were able to manipulate his plans to facilitate his new way of living.

Not long after his review, he booked his first trip and is already talking about his next!

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