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It seems my online course on Inheritance Tax couldn’t have come at a better time. Following on from the hoo-ha around David Cameron’s £200,000 gift from his mother, intended to avoid £80,000 of Inheritance Tax, Dave reassures us “avoiding inheritance tax is a natural human instinct that people should be encouraged to do.”  Hear Hear.  If I’d have been advising Mother Cameron, I’d have suggested a better strategy which would have done away with her having to survive 7 years before the planning became effective.  But hey ho, seems like the Camerons don’t have the best of advisers.  I’ll drop them a line.

There’s such a lot of nonsense in the media around the morality of tax planning.  Personally, I don’t care what the politicians do with their own money.  That’s their business.  I’m much more concerned about them stealing our money and chucking it down the drain.  Which is what happens to the £4.3 billion (£4.3 billion!!) raised from Inheritance Tax every year.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t have £200,000 spare to give away, but there are other ways to solve your Inheritance Tax problem without making outright gifts.   Hence my online course ‘How to solve your Inheritance Tax problem without giving everything away’ which is just about finished.  More on that coming shortly.  In the meantime, watch the video below to see  more of me discussing Inheritance Tax with Heartbeat writer Nicholas Rhea (aka Peter Walker).

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