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Isn’t 2019 Flying?

We’ve just received our order for our new PenLife umbrellas, so we were ready to face the rain! That was until the temperature soared to above 20 degrees…

Not the April showers we were expecting, but we’re not one to complain. Plus, there’s still time yet…

We can’t forget Easter either. Spending time with family, Easter egg hunts…and of course, the eating of said eggs.

But while we’re all recovering from our chocolate comas and debating if it’s too late to try and get back on track with this year’s goals that have magically started slipping away from us, one thing that shouldn’t be left to melt next to the fire is your financial plan.

It needs structure, and a dose of consideration as to where you want to be in the future. It can’t be avoided forever (technically it can, but are you REALLY willing to take that risk?)