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Leave a Legacy Fit For a King

Last week I tried dropping in on Her Majesty as she was in residence at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately she was otherwise engaged so a meeting was out of the question. But I didn’t need to actually meet the Queen to still revel in the history and legacy of our country’s royal heritage. And it won’t be ending anytime soon as the British Sovereign never dies. Not that the Queen is a vampire (perish the thought!), but rather because of the curious fact that even though individual monarchs obviously do die, the Sovereign (that’s to say the reigning Monarch) never dies. Due to the way the British Crown operates, the very moment one King or Queen dies, the next-in-line succeeds them immediately. As a result of this, the Royal Standard flag that was flying above Windsor Castle during my visit never flies at half-mast! The only exception to this is when the deceased body of the previous monarch is housed somewhere and the current monarch is also not in attendance at the same place….clear as mud?

The Queen is the fortieth monarch since William the Conqueror obtained the crown of England and heads up one the richest royal families in the world: Such is the power of compound interest and the fact that bequests to the next sovereign are free of inheritance tax! The rest of us, however, cannot escape this death tax quite as easily.

Here at Pen-Life we believe leaving a legacy should not be limited to those with a heavy crown in the family. The good news is that careful planning can help ensure more of our clients’ estates can be left to their families and causes that matter to them, instead of sending unnecessary amounts to the Government for them to spend how they see fit.

Adam joined Pen-Life in November 2015 as a Paraplanner. Not to be confused with anything related to jumping out of planes, paraplanning is a technical role working with advisers behind the scenes to ensure the advice given to our clients is well researched and then implemented correctly. He has achieved the CII Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, the academic benchmark required to become an adviser but still has a lot of learning to do!