The Scoop


I am often accused of being anti-tax (am I bovvered?!)  But genuinely, I get that tax is the price to pay to live in a civilised society.  It’s the nonsense that our tax pounds are spent on that winds me up.  How’s this for a current example. The Pensions Act 2008 compels every employer in the UK to enrol staff into a workplace pension.  No choice in the matter.  If you don’t – you get fined up to £50,000. Or get chucked into jail.  You’d imagine that would be a big enough incentive to make sure employers comply.  So you might be forgiven for asking why the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) felt it necessary to run an ad campaign featuring this 10 foot blue furry monster call ‘Workie’.

The DWP said Workie is ‘the striking physical embodiment of the workplace pension’.  Eh? that at these people on?  The Daily Mail mocked the Government over the ‘silly’ and ‘patronising’ Disney-style 10ft furry horned animal which is supposed to get us to think about pensions.  I wouldn’t put it so politely.  This ad campaign cost £8.5million of your tax pounds.  If you’re happy to let the Government throw your money away on this sort of foolishness, by all means continue pouring your money down the tax black hole.  If, on the other hand, you’d rather protect your money from greedy bankers, crazy Governments, desperate authorities and other legalised robbers, you can count on us to help.