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Yorkshire’s Trusted Pensions Advisers

Yorkshire’s Trusted Pensions Advisers

A Message from Julie Wilson, Director, PenLife Associates

When it comes to help, advice and support with your pension, there are three very important factors to consider when you choose an adviser:

  • 1 Trust.

    You want a firm and an adviser with a proven track record of success. Pen Life is proud to serve 1500 clients in Yorkshire and surrounding areas, managing over £350 million in funds.

  • 2 Track Record.

    You want an adviser who has been around a long time and is not going anywhere! PenLife has been serving the people of Yorkshire for over 30 years and our 26 strong team have the proven track record to provide the pension services and support that you need.

  • 3 Location

    If you are like most of our clients, you want advisers from your area, who you can meet and look in the eye. Not a distant company at the other end of the country or a remote online organisation. Come and visit us anytime at our head office in York (we’ll even give you a cup of tea!) or we can come and visit you at your home or office.

Having been helping people with pensions for 30 years, I’ll add a fourth factor: No selling! My clients tell me they are relieved to finally find a firm who will have a normal conversation and answer their questions in a friendly environment.

At PenLife, we have built our reputation from three decades of building mutual trust and respect. We succeed by serving you, so in our first conversation or meeting we will be focused on understanding you and your needs, and what you want your retirement to look like. And we’ll be answering all of your questions about the increasingly complex world of pensions.


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Approaching retirement can be a confusing time for many people. You have to consider how you’re going to replace your earned income.  For most, that will be through a combination of taking pensions and re-directing savings and investments from growth to income.  And that’s where the confusion kicks in. But information won’t get you a  richer retirement.  The decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life, and you can’t afford to get it wrong.

We have over 30 years experience of advising people approaching retirement, and most find it difficult to switch from a “accumulating savings” mentality to a “creating income for life” mentality.  We regularly increase our clients’ income in retirement – sometimes to more than double the income they would have received without our intervention – by a combination of increasing pensions, benefits and income from investments, and reducing taxes and other attacks on your money.

Getting the most out of your pensions and savings involves specialist knowledge and experience that the layman simply cannot find from general information from the internet and other sources

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Julie Wilson
Director – Pen Life

What Our Clients Say

'I have found my adviser warm, approachable, knowledgeable and accommodating. I know that I can contact her with any enquiries and they will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.'

Mr J Aldis

'If you want to feel totally confident and secure in the knowledge that your personal finances are in expert hands look no further. We know from our own experiences over 35 years Pen-Life are outstanding in all respects.'

Mr & Mrs B Western

'Thank-you for all the advice you gave me just at the right time. Everything is in place and the whole family is financially sound and settled. This couldn't have happened without your very well timed intervention and I can't thank you enough.'

Mrs J Hunsley

'Very happy with the service I have received, I have already recommend PenLife  to friends and family.'

'Everyone I have dealt with have always been really helpful and answered any questions I have had in a timely manner i have already recommended you to friends and colleagues so hopefully they will be in touch many thanks for all your help.'

'Everyone has been so friendly thank you.'

'Already recommend to a friend :)'