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Seeing Past The Finance Industry Stereotypes

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When many people hear the words ‘Financial Advice’, they are quick to worry.

Could it be a scam? Do financial advisers just want your money?

We get why people have their concerns.

Back in the day, some “advisers” took advantage of clients, thus giving the financial services industry a bad name.

However, our industry has a lot more regulation now, meaning stricter criteria must be met, certain qualifications need to have been achieved, and client care should be a priority.

The unforeseen impact of the pandemic has highlighted the importance of financial advice, to ensure you have protection for your future and your family’s future.

The Personal Finance Society (PFS) and ITN Productions Industry News have collaborated to produce ‘Financial Wellbeing’ an online news programme.

This programme consists of a video that aims to regain consumer trust in the finance industry and show how the industry has adapted to the modern consumer.

The video covers a variety of topics, just a few being:

  • How financial advice not just for older people
  • How the pandemic has highlighted the need for advice
  • Whether money management/financial awareness be introduced to education curriculum
  • Planning for retirement

Click the link below to be redirected to watch the video- let us know your thoughts!