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Travelling To Europe? Don’t forget your EHIC card

It’s holiday time and I just wanted to share with you the importance of getting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you go.

One of our clients recently went on holiday to Spain with his wife.  Unfortunately, he had a heart attack there and was rushed to a local hospital.  Tragically, he died.

They hadn’t renewed their EHIC.  The hospital wouldn’t release his body until the wife had settled the medical bills and she simply didn’t have the funds to pay.  His brother had to fly out from the UK to settle the bill.  To compound all this, as they hadn’t declared what they thought was a minor health issue to their travel insurers, which meant their insurers refused to settle the claim.  This is estimated to have cost the family in excess of £25,000.

So please make sure you have declared all your medical history to your travel insurer.  And get your EHIC card – which allows carriers free or lower cost treatment by state health services when travelling to Europe.  It’s free – and you can get it from the YouGov website.

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