The Scoop

Waves of Waste!

The PenLife Team took a lovely trip to Bridlington beach – not for fishing, not for swimming and not for building sand castles. We teamed up with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to clean up Bridlington Beach. All of our sea creature friends suffer from their homes being scattered with litter and blocked stomachs due to the plastic and chemical-filled waters.

With mild sunburn, and getting our shoes full of sand, we made things squeaky clean and had a ‘whale’ of a time. The beach was that clean, we could’ve eaten our dinner on it. From tiny micro-plastics to cigarette butts to clusters of deadly rubbish, we collected the lot. Did you know it takes just over 15 years for a cigarette butt to decompose in the sea? Just imagine how damaging that could be. The PenLife Team safely collected waste before it entered the water… one of us even found a bag of plastic pegs – crazy!

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust work extremely hard to tackle the problems of marine pollution, reducing litter and safely disposing the rubbish from the sea and the beach. You can read more about their beach cleans on their website here: