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You Can Never Be Too Careful…

We’re all excited to see the advances throughout the new decade-with technology growing ever stronger.

However, as technology advances, so do the scammers that thrive from targeting both individuals and businesses online or over the phone.

We have recently had a case where a client had received a call from a ‘company’ who asked for some details, then proceeded to give out false information.

In this case, the client was told that PenLife had gone into liquidation in 2019- We can confirm, this is NOT the case! By this point, the client realised something funny was happening, as he had recently received one of our newsletters, so knew PenLife had not gone bust.

The company knew information about the client such as full name, address, date of birth and details about his pension. The fake company proceeded to tell the client that the fees charged were too expensive and that he was getting ‘ripped off’.

The client then came into our office and explained the situation. We settled his concerns about the other company having access to his pension (they didn’t ) and explained that blocking the number would be the best action to take, given that the fake company did not know all of the client’s information.

We have asked providers to ask more security questions when a call comes through regarding a PenLife client, in case fake companies try to be someone they’re not.

Registered legitimate companies can be found on sites such as the GOV.UK Companies House.

If you ever have any concerns that you are being contacted by an illegitimate person/company about your financial plan, please feel free to call our office and we will look into it.

We are not just here to organise your financial plan- if you ever have any technical issues logging onto platforms, our admin team are more than happy to help.

Be Aware, Stay Vigilant