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Chartered – What does that mean?

Mar 18, 2016

As many of you may know, PenLife is a Chartered Financial Planning firm. It’s not easy to achieve this status, so we’re very proud to have it. However, one thing we’re aware of is that the general public may not know exactly what it means to be Chartered in Financial Advice, which is pretty understandable.

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Leave a Legacy Fit For a King

Feb 29, 2016

Last week I tried dropping in on Her Majesty as she was in residence at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately she was otherwise engaged so a meeting was out of the question. But I didn’t need to actually meet the Queen to still revel in the history and legacy of our country’s royal heritage. And it won’t

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Why a Good Offense is Not Good Enough

Feb 26, 2016

I’ve never been much of a fan of watching football. I can never join in the conversations happening around me when talk about last night’s game crops up in the office.  Thankfully, the fortunes or failures of a group of sportsmen or women do not affect me apart from having to endure the moans and

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