Adam Dobson

Data & Project Assistant

"The three things I love about my job are trying out all the new technological advances and apply it to the company. I also feel challenged in a number of areas that boosts my self confidence and everyone makes me feel loved and respected."


Adam joined PenLife in 2021 as a Data and Project Assistant, and in 2023 he completed his Level 3 Data Technician Apprenticeship. Adam’s main duties lie in the business side of things, such as cleansing and updating data and assisting with projects.

Adam is our biggest tech wiz, and he can follow and create processes like there’s no tomorrow! He is also our macro specialist – he can create a macro that automates any task, which really is magic!

Rest and play

Adam was born in Lancaster and raised in York. Adam comes from a family of financial geniuses, but his interests mainly revolve around technology, so he was the odd one out.

Adam loves spending his free time playing video games, and dabbles a bit with VR as well. Other than that, Adam loves the sun and playing with his dogs.

Adam in the spotlight

On an ideal weekend, you can find me:

At home playing video games.

My favourite holiday destination is:


My favourite song to play in the car is:

‘Macarena’, Los Del Rio.

The first album I bought was:

Busted, Busted.

If I could be any fictional character, I would be:

Ted from the movie Ted.

If I could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, I would win a medal in:


When the dessert menu arrives, I’m looking for:

Sticky toffee pudding.

The three qualities that draw me to new people are:

Cooking dessert, asking me if I’d like some dessert, and giving me dessert.

My pet peeve is:

When people say that I’m too old for stuff.

The best gift I’ve ever received is:

Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The three people at my dream dinner party would be:

I’d rather eat with my family.

Three things I haven’t done so far include:

Get a new car and my own house.

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