Haydn Wishart

Financial Planner

"The three things I love about my job are building ongoing relationships with our clients to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives. Being part of a great team which has a shared goal we are all working towards. There is a real togetherness and family-feel about the place. Knowing that we all have a voice within the company. It's refreshing to know that our opinions will be respected and listened to."


Haydn joined PenLife in September 2016, originally providing administration support to the Financial Planning team.
While building up his experience in the industry, Haydn worked through his own Financial Planner exams to qualify in the summer of 2020.

Since then, he’s been advising his own bank of clients. Haydn’s day-to-day role involves meeting with clients and helping them to understand their finances, as well as offering solutions to help them meet their financial objectives.

Rest and play

Haydn’s biggest hobby is undoubtedly watching football. He’s a fan of both York City and England, spending a large amount of his spare time following them far and wide.

Haydn also enjoys travelling to see new places, something that complements his football-supporting antics really well.

In addition, Haydn loves sampling new beers. He goes through phases of switching between real ale and trying continental lager. He keeps a log of all the different ones he’s tried using an app called Untappd.

Haydn in the spotlight

On an ideal weekend, you can find me:

Catching the train to watch a football match on the Saturday, followed by a few beers to either celebrate or commiserate. Depending on where I’ve been on the Saturday afternoon, Sunday is definitely spent unwinding. Maybe a nice walk in the countryside with the dog, or some downtime with family and friends.

My favourite holiday destination is:


My favourite song to play in the car is:

‘Sweet Caroline’, Neil Diamond.

The first album I bought was:

Never bought one!

If I could be any fictional character, I would be:

Dr. Dolittle, so I could talk to my pets and find out what they’re really thinking.

If I could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, I would win a medal in:

I’m worryingly good at remembering dates of either past or future events.

When the dessert menu arrives, I’m looking for:

Black Forest gateau.

The three qualities that draw me to new people are:

Kindness, humour, and respect.

My pet peeve is:

Lateness – I just cannot be doing with it. I always aim to arrive early if I say I’m going to be somewhere.

The best gift I’ve ever received is:

Probably the go-kart I received as a child. I’m far too big to fit inside it now, sadly.

The three people at my dream dinner party would be:

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington.

Three things I haven’t done so far include:

Been on a safari, ran a marathon, or written a book.

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