Milo the dog

Office dog



In the office, Milo the dog is here to bring joy, greet the odd client, eat snacks, cheer up anyone who’s having a bad day, and especially run about chasing his ball!

Milo will also occasionally perch himself underneath our desks!

Rest and play

When at home, Milo’s favourite pastimes include seeing his girlfriend Ruby, playing with his favourite toys, playing football (especially in goal), and eating.

Milo in the spotlight

On an ideal weekend, you can find me:

Running wild playing football, inside or outside the house!

My favourite holiday destination is:

Going to see my girlfriend, Ruby.

My favourite song to play in the car is:

‘Who Let The Dogs Out’, Baha Men.

If I could be any fictional character, I would be:

Krypto (Superman’s dog).

If I could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, I would win a medal in:

Playing fetch.

When the dessert menu arrives, I’m looking for:

Anyone else’s food but my own!

The three qualities that draw me to new people are:

Anybody who gives me attention, throws my ball, or has food.

My pet peeve is:


The best gift I’ve ever received is:

New toys!

The three people at my dream dinner party would be:

Scooby Doo, Snoopy, and my girlfriend Ruby.

The three small things that make my day better are:

Running about, going to work (mainly for the attention), and being loved and petted by my humans!

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